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Daisy is very knowledgeable when it comes to Accounting and how to help businesses become profitable and make those strategic decisions for the future. We have worked with her for over 7 years now. I would highly recommend her.

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 Charles Anakweze
EasyLink Solutions, LLC 

It's been night and day ever since Daisy took over my bookkeeping. She has discovered a lot of gaps and has been helping in closing them. She has a vast knowledge in accounting and has helped with sales tax and registrations for my business. 

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Mark Pitzo
Intermark Transport, LLC

Daisy is very skilled and experienced in Accounting, forecasting and how to streamline processes and procedures in a business. Would definitely recommend her. 

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Mark Fenzel
Copper Realty Investments, LLC

Our business is in real estate development and Daisy is able to be diverse and provide the same quality Accounting based on our industry.  We are pleased with the insights she has been providing thru reporting and analysis.

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John Rolland
Chicago Center for Family Health

We are a non profit organization and we have been fortunate enough to hire a wonderful bookkeeper who is on top of all financial and related administrative tasks.

Tom Athanasopoulos
SDA Global, Inc

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