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Industries We Work With

We mainly provide services to the following industries.

Some additional industries we work with is construction and trade businesses as in plumbing, electrical, roofing, etc.


We provide Project Accounting and Bookkeeping for Real Estate Investing, Development, and

Property Management. Will keep you organized and in charge of your properties and expenses with the proper insights for making strategic decisions.


Be organized with proper Bookkeeping put in place and especially when it comes to sales tax compliance. We can help with automating and streamlining this from your online platforms like Amazon, Ebay,

Etsy, PayPal, Shift4Shop, Shopify,

Stripe, Square, 

Squarespace, Wix, and WooCommerce. 

non profit

We make sure to keep your NP accountable to your donors, organized and compliant, while you focus on your sole purpose of your NP Organization. With fund accounting we meet grant and donor funding requirements as in restricted and unrestricted funds. We help with religious, charitable organizations and more!



More and more individuals and businesses are investing and trading in crypto and even mining in this new industry. Tax laws were unclear on what needs to be done until recently. Therefore, now it is essential that you follow the new IRS tax laws on how to report income and gains/losses. We keep you in compliance and automate all your transactions for easy reporting and filing as well as help you reduce your tax liability at year end!



We focus on helping you get your personal finances in order with coaching calls and strategies to implement your money goals! We help you tackle debt, save money and keep track of your spending by implementing a budget to follow on a monthly basis. We also help in strategizing other streams of income to create financial wealth! This will set you up towards financial success and ultimately financial freedom!

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