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Monthly Budget Template with Cash Flow Tracking
  • Monthly Budget Template with Cash Flow Tracking

    Once purchased you will receive a Google excel sheet to download (Google & Excel compatible). I have found that this is the best way to properly keep track of your spending. Easy to use and not only keeps you in budget but also can see real live cash flow happening at the same time. Just plug in your numbers and update as you go along daily or weekly. Move the lines up or down based on when the cash was taken out per month.


    Once you establish your first month's budget copy and paste to the next tab and you will see it will stay the same for the most part as your main fixed and variable expenses usually come out on the same day each month.


    You will then see a true picture of how your cash flow fluctuates and when your cash is low and when it is high. Ultimately with proper budgeting you will be able to move some extra money into your savings to use and invest. Need help with how to use it? No to worry! Get in contact with me and I can help you out!

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